OCD theme about having ADHD


I am just wondering if anybody else has developed this theme about ADHD. I had themes related to having schizophrenia, being bipolar or having depression, which tend to be common themes in people with OCD from what I've read, but now I have developed this obsession about having ADHD. It all started when I read an article about OCD being common among people with ADHD and that made me question whether I have it or not, but I moved on and didn't think much about it until way later when I was deep in obsessing about schizophrenia. The worst part about this theme is that I relate to some things people with ADHD have (e.g. procrastination - I have been procrastinating since the start of lockdown as I find it distracting when trying to study at home; internet addiction - I have been spending a lot of time on social media since lockdown and I find it hard to quit this habit) and that has made me read articles about ADHD for a few hours since I have nothing much to do while being stuck at home (binge-reading articles can be a symptom of ADHD, at least according to people with ADHD). Is this theme common or is it just something my OCD-driven brain has invented for the first time ever in history of OCD themes lol? I understand I might have ADHD and an OCD-theme about having ADHD at the same time, since ADHD gets often misdiagnosed, overdiagnosed and underdiagnosed at the same time (at least according to many articles I've read and forums I have visited), but this theme really sucks because so many normal and mundane things can suddenly indicate I have ADHD (e.g. I sometimes forget to take out trash or to do some chores and my brain immediately screams at me that must indicate I have ADHD) and ruminating is hard to stop, since I'm afraid I might really have it and am just prolonging my suffering lol.


From my experience OCD can attach itself to almost anything and can convince us of almost anything including having the symptoms of any condition or disease especially if you are powering it up by continually reading articles online. In my humble opinion I would suggest stop researching it online and going to various forums etc. and when the thoughts come to your mind about ADHD answer back sarcastically - maybe I have it, maybe I don't and try to go on with your life, even though the anxiety and thoughts are still there. It sounds like there is a pattern of these thoughts as you said about that you had other themes related to other conditions. OCD will continue giving you these thoughts with other conditions unless you start disregarding the thoughts. It seems like the action for any type of OCD is the same no matter what the thoughts are at the time.

I wish you the best in your recovery. 


guest = having adhd well sometimes for me i do alot of adhd and autistic symptons like walking pacing around. flinging my arms and maybe im like a bt autistic idk i mean its werid = i think that ocd makes us question alot of things for example for me i think a serial killer or a psychopath but im prob not even close to it its like ocd makes us think critcially about alot of things but it makes uss beleive false info 7787754018

seamstress=i agree with ur words, 

for me its like i have a hard time replying to msgs on facebook but once i just do it and moveon and like force myself im capable again i dont really like it in my brain it hruts a bit but its stm i can do and will do and will do it so i do . every time i think about ocd i feel like its making things worse. its realy hard to jsut live life maybe its cuz i have moderate ocd but ive found ways to help myself cause i found that no doc can gimme enough meds or therapy its all done by myself thats why we r taught to be independent to learn the skills and apply them. i can only do so much for someone and vice versa and it sucks but in reality its the truth. self help is the best type of help. find ways to cope with ur ocd. i would maybe write notes down and express them and ackwnoledge why u assume u might have adhd, but also realize that thoughts  r jsut thoughts. actions matter.6048392218