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Ocd on my Mum!!!!

Ocd aimed at my mom! once the thought came to me suddenly I don’t love her (we are always very close and best friends with her) I felt scared! Since then, the terrible enviable period has begun! fear reached 10 out of 10 !! I cry every day, all emotions and feelings for her are gone! what if I really stopped loving my mom? but this cannot be !! every time you do not love her feelings, what if you want not to communicate with her at all and to see her! and where have feelings for her gone? they seem to be frozen !! I'm in a panic and hysterical !!! help !!!!

Yup. OCD. Firstly thoughts are thoughts. You need to read Made of Millions, IOCDF, and OCD UK webpages on what obsessions are and what compulsions are. How ocd manifests and how it’s treated. This will help you understand that ocd is a behavior disorder and that the theme and thought content is useless to the fear center of you brain. If you are in the states you can reach out to NOCD, outside the states Better Help. Ali also take patients but it’s important to remember that until you stop taking this thought seriously, or anything that accompanies this thought, it will only reenforce to your fear center of the brain that it is important. It’s known as the ocd cycle or the ocd trap. Watch Ali’s videos and start ERP ASAP. Best wishes. 

I will link them here but I want to stress that people have had ocd about contamination, if they are homosexual, a pedophile, attracted to their family members, are murders, have schizophrenia, love their spouse, are psychopaths, how to blink, noticing their heart rate, that they have a nose! The theme content doesn’t matter!!!!! All that matters is what thoughts, urges, images, feelings, etc distress you (are intrusive) bc those are obsessions and what you do in response to reduce the doubt, uncertainty, fear, shame, guilt, anxiety, tension etc. bc those are compulsions. Again. The. Thought. Content. Is. Irrelevant!!!!!! Learn about OCD bc that’s all it is. Then start recovery work. You are not alone, you are not the first, this will not be forever!!!!


Your feelings for your mom are not gone. 🙂

It just seems like they're gone because you're constantly ruminating about it and that's the thing with anxiety and OCD, it feels so real that it actually freezes our feelings and emotions like they're gone. Our body, emotions, sensations and feelings will responde to whatever the brains tells them. Have you already notice that when you're happy, you just see the world, everything and everyone beautifully wonderful? That's the same thing. 

Then when that happens and you're scared, you start to ruminate and to check if you feel or if you don't feel and even if you do that reassurance just mentally it doesn't work, it has the reverse effect. So you will not feel what you're expecting to feel (because love is not something you see and measure, it's a group of beautiful things, choices and emotions that sometimes you cannot really FEEL in the way OCD is trying to tell you should feel, which doesn't mean you're not feeling or that you don't love) it's aldo a compulsion. 

You just need to figure out what's the best way for you do exposure yourself to that feelings, I know it's hard and that you don't want to think that way about your mom but that's de answer to all this just go away (I also hate the fact that I do think similar things that you think about my boyfriend, it just hurts me so much because I love him so much) but that's how anxiety and ocd work, these little devils will do ANYTHING to make you believe what they're telling just because you got scared at first time and that just triggered the danger threat when there's no danger at all. Also look for therapy. Hope you'll do better, we're together on this. 🙂