Obsession over putting on socks


I hope this is the right subforum to post this. I have weird obesession with socks. Whenever I put them on it feels like they don't sit "right" and so I pull on them to adjust them or even  take them off completely. It can take up to 15 minutes to let go of it and move on. Alongside the feeling of putting them on "wrong" I get a weird feeling of uncomfortableness in my right foot up to my knee. It's hard to describe but it takes several hours for it to fade. Here is the thing though: The socks sit perfectly. It's just my brain going nuts over it forcing me to take them off and on again. Today I put them on (this alone gives me anexiety) and a few hours later I somehow pulled on one of them. Then a wave of fear came in. I could endure it for two hours but then gave in and took them off and on again. I feel better now but my brain still won't shut up about it.

How can I do ERP on this? Should I put them on and leave them be the whole day?