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My religious ocd worries, please help


I dealt with religious OCD all the time when I was younger and first let me just tell you that IT DOES GET BETTER. Secondly, let me tell you that your “blasphemous” thoughts or fears that you’ve sold your soul have NOTHING to do with God or the Devil, just your OCD. Jesus loves you! He knows your true heart. He also knows you are afflicted with OCD. Think about it, if He knows if a sparrow has lost a single feather, He must also know exactly what you’re going through. I would advise you to say a short prayer at the beginning of the day and just consecrate your thoughts to God. Tell him that no matter what your OCD does, you trust Him to understand that you really are His loving child and ask Him for help overcoming your OCD. Maybe when you have an intrusive thought, it will make you feel better to laugh it off with Jesus. Think “wow that was a weird thought, luckily you know me and know that’s not in my heart.” Also, if you can talk to a trusted family member about this it will be easier to deal with. I remember waking up in the middle of the night sweating and shaking, terrified by the OCD thought that I didn’t love God anymore. My mother was always able to calm me down. God bless you! YOU CAN BEAT THIS!

Thank you, I see the work of Jesus on you all

God bless you, I wait patiently to see you all in heaven

That was awesome advice! Jesus loves you remember that! 

God sees inside the heart, so He knows your true feelings! Don't worry, He loves you. He wants you to be in peace. The devil tempts everyone but answer him like: 'I have Jesus, I don't agree with this thought, go away' in case of intrusive thoughts. I had intrusive thoughts too (about harming others) and I suffered a lot, but God healed me. For him everything is possible. He can make evil people become good, so why couldn't He heal a GOOD PERSON with intrusive thoughts?

God bless you, I will pray for you! 

Most important thing to realize is that this is not a spiritual problem it is mental. God loves you.