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My religious ocd worries, please help


Hi I’m 11 and I have religious ocd, I am a follower of Christ and try my best to listen to his teachings however this religious ocd is taking a toll on me, please help me with some of my worries

Worry 1: Worry that I might turn evil or betray God

Worry 2: Worry that I have committed the unpardonable sin

Worry 3: Worry that I might have sold my soul

Worry 4: Worrying that I might have faith in the devil

Worry 5: Not really a worry, but I have blasphemous thoughts about Jesus that disgust me, I have intrusive thoughts about stuff that the Pharisees said

Worry 6: Worry about going to hell

Worry 7: Disgusting/ blasphemous thoughts when praying

can someone please help me, I’ve had these thoughts before and want to get rid of them, my biggest fear is worry 4, I trust that Jesus knows my true feelings and I want him to help me



i've had all of these do not fear this is common for religious people with ocd to have thoughts like this. First of all understand that this is not a sin problem it is an ocd problem. Ocd is attacking you in this way because Jesus is so important to you. Next remember that Jesus loves you no matter what. To stop getting these thoughts you have to start disregarding them and avoid ruminating over them. Ali Greymond gives good tips on this. she says to pretend like the thoughts that come in are like your loud neighbor who always just randomly starts screaming things. Jesus loves you and wants you to get healthy. God bless. Let's pray for one another.

I don’t have faith in the devil right? I don’t believe I do but it feels so real, I got baptized and surrendered to God afterall

how do I know I don’t have faith in evil and am not turning evil 🙁

Be at peace Jesus loves you. Focus on your recovery . Try to stop ruminating. God wants you to recover. You are not evil. Please try to stop ruminating on all these thoughts. It is tough at first but try. Try for at least 5 minutes. Time yourself. Keep track and try to do better everyday. Only way these thoughts will stop is if you do not ruminate. Offer to Jesus all this suffering and pray for others that are going through the same thing as you.

I have gone through the same thing. It does feel so so so real which is the scariest part but in all reality it’s a total lie. The devil attacks us about the things we love most. That is why your being attacked with those things because you love Jesus the most! The thoughts will come but my advise would be the try and ignore it. I get that sometimes it seems impossible trust me I feel the same way sometimes but you just have to keep trying not to think about these thoughts. Don’t let them be important to you. When a thought comes up try to not react with fear to it. Remember God knows what you are going through! You are precious and you are his! I will be praying for you because I know exactly how this feels but all of the thoughts are lies lies lies! Remember that! God loves you always! 

I have all of those 

I very much relate too.  It feels like a big risk to choose to not dive into all the thoughts and feelings of uncertainty.  The thing is we cannot answer with 100% certainty all the what if’s that come along, and that’s what drives the fears with ocd, we cannot stand any level of uncertainty.  Thing is, without uncertainties, there’s no need of faith.  
Now I want to tell you something that is sure, and that is God loves you unconditionally!  Being perfect, righteous, and just, He loves us but hates our sin.  Ever since the fall in the Garden of Eden when mankind decided to disregard God and honor on their own, we all have been born in that sin and do also willfully sin.  God says the soul that sins shall die, meaning eternal separation from God.  He loves us so much that He came to earth in flesh(Jesus Christ), lived sinless as our substitute, and then lovingly took on Himself all our sins/iniquities and took our condemnation and death penalty for us, again as our substitute! Being God, Jesus arose 3 days later, proving He was God in flesh, the Son, and proving that God was satisfied with the sin payment He made. Isaiah 53 tells us God(the Father) saw the travail of His(Jesus’) soul(on the cross) and was satisfied. Romans 5:6 says “when we were yet without any strength or ability(to save ourselves), in due time Christ died for the ungodly sinner.” 1 Cor 15:2-4 clearly tells us the gospel, the good news of our salvation, how that Jesus died for our sins(in our place), was buried and rose again.  Eph 2:8,9 says “we are saved by His grace(Jesus/the cross) through faith, and that(saving) is not of ourselves but is a gift, not of any works of our own”.  So we are saved entirely by what Jesus has already accomplished for us on the cross over 2000 years ago.
Salvation is not something God does TO US when we ask Him for it or surrender our lives to Him or get baptized or try to live doing good.  Rather, it is something Christ has already finished and accomplished FOR US when He took our sin penalty on Himself, thus saving us from it, leaving us no condemnation and no sins to ever pay for again.  All He asks us to “do” is take Him at His Word(faith), simply believing/trusting that Jesus has indeed accomplished our salvation by taking our sins penalty for us.  Eph 1:13, 14a says “in Whom(Jesus) you also trusted after you heard the gospel, the good news of your salvation, believing it, you were sealed by the Holy Spirit, the guarantee of your eternal redemption”.   Dear fellow ocd’er, if you simply recognize that you are a helpless sinner and cannot save yourself, and simply believe God, trusting that Jesus has already taken all the condemnation for your sin, you are eternally sealed by God Himself, for He has declared it(John 3:16).  
God’s declaration or receipt that your sins are paid for is found throughout His Word. Example verses as proof of your/our salvation are seen in places like Colossians 2:14 where He says He has “blotted out the laws(we broke/break) that stand against us...and took them all out of the way, nailing them to His cross.”    Right before Jesus gave up His life on the cross, He declared, “it is finished”, which in the Greek means paid in full. That can be found in John 19:30.  So He has accomplished and finished our salvation already, and we need only to believe that and rest in it as our only hope for heaven.  

When those thoughts of having faith in Satan come up, you can choose to ignore them. For if you believe/know that Jesus has already taken care of your sins(as God says), then you do already have faith in Jesus as Savior and logically wouldn’t see Satan as any type of deliverer.  The penalty of sin is death and that is just what Jesus has already gone through for and as us, so there is nothing standing between us(who believe) and God.  He has promised that “all who come to me(trust Me/what I’ve done), I will never cast out”.   So the question isn’t any type of “did I”(did I surrender my life, live just right, ask Jesus to save me, get baptized, go to church enough...) but rather is “did He”. Did Jesus as my substitute live perfect for me, take my sins on Himself and surrender up His life unto death, pay for all my sins and rose again?   God says He has done so. 

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That same thing happens to me. I worry about my faith a lot too. Thoughts do not define who you are, so I am not worried about that. I have sometimes worried about going to hell as well.