Metaphysical contamination


Fear from filthy people


Make of list of your triggers (what causes your spikes, even thoughts) and compulsions (what you do to reduce the anxiety, tension, fear, doubt, uncertainty, guilt, shame, etc.). Now expose yourself to your triggers and don’t perform your compulsions. Do this over and over again and then again until you’ve become so habituated to your fears they couldn’t scare you even if you tried really hard to still fear it. And you’ll be done. 

I hope this helps. 

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define habituated and also i think that myself has unconciously or conciously done that with the repitition of messages so its all about self help for me its not like others can help fix me=7787754018= 


obessessions = hurting ppl, 

compulsions= try to stay away from hot caucasian men but im gay so idk tbh and well symmetry with bottles in the washroom and leaving drawers open and socks not touching each other = not the right feeling etc. 6048392218