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Is this okay?


So I have a question, what if someone gets a blasphemous thought in their head from doing exposures and or intentionally. But the person disregards the thought, saying it’s irrelevant and continues to do what they were doing. This happened last night where I got terrible thoughts about blaspheming the Holy Ghost, I couldn’t get it out of my head so the thought ended up floating around my head


it was saying if you pick up this you’re blaspheming the Holy Ghost and attributing his works with evil.

or it was saying stuff about insulting Jesus

my mind was going back and forth between accepting the thought and trying to push it away. I ended up saying that the thought was irrelevant and I didn’t agree with it. But it wouldn’t go away so it felt like I was intentionally thinking about it. I got scared. But I just let it float around my head and continued to do what I was doing as I kept on disagreeing with it. Am I okay?

That night I asked for forgiveness in case I accidentally insulted God but i still felt guilt

God loves you. What other exposures where you doing?

My ocd has gotten so bad that almost anything triggers it

So basically just living life :p


Also I was reading about thoughts earlier that night and I saw stuff about intentional thoughts, so when I got thoughts about blaspheming Jesus it was hard to get it out. If someone intentionally thinks about it but chooses to disregard and call it false is that okay?

Please be honest too just sayin :p


Don't worry about thoughts. Focus on recovery and on things you can control.

Search on YouTube Greek video from Orthodox Father's about Blashfemous thoughts... They say that is not our false and we should be happy and to not pay attention in these thoughts because are not from our soul

Thanks! I didn’t have any intention on insulting God nor do I believe any blasphemes about him but the thought was still there so it scared me! One of my goals in life is to have a spiritual conversation with God, like see him face to face and talk to him 🙂


That is beautiful. We will get that in heaven God willing. Remember however that God is in our neighbor. Matthew 25 talks about how when we serve our neighbor we serve Jesus. Focus on that. That is what Ocd people must do i think. Focus on our actions. Our mind is so messed up we can't even begin to deal with thoughts. Let us focus on service for love of Jesus.