I would like to hear your opinion!


Hello. I would not write this post if I was not so concerned about the situation. I suffer from an environment of false memory and lately the topic of thoughts is connected with the fact that suddenly I left the house and attacked a person and carried him into some kind of hatch located on the territory of the district. I used to imagine thoughts, i.e. I imagined the thought that I wanted to attack, that I could understand whether I had such a thought, but this provoked new surroundings of the situation and thoughts entered my head that suddenly I did not imagine the thought, but suddenly I attacked. There were many OCD situations on this topic, but I analyzed each of them and proved that most likely this is another manifestation of my environs of false memory. The last env-situation greatly bothered me, which is why the thought that suddenly this is not a manifestation of envrnk, but suddenly I attacked, creep into my head. This is the situation: I was sitting at the table. At that time, I was worried about past environmental situations and tried to understand whether I attacked then or not. I felt like a feeling of irritation or anger. Feelings came to me, as it were, desires for evil or out of evil, from irritation to attack. I do not remember exactly what I was thinking or what exactly happened at that moment, but I remember how the thought came that I just went out and attacked. All this time there was a relative in the kitchen, who stood with his back to me and stood at the table, doing household chores. I asked him if I was leaving? He replied no. I was very excited, because the thought came into my head that I suddenly went out and attacked with irritation or anger, because I had such feelings. I realized that I was sitting on a chair and was very excited, as the thought came into my head that I suddenly attacked. I noticed that old thoughts were kind of overshadowed by this situation. Thoughts come to my mind that I suddenly ran out and attacked, suddenly carried the man into some kind of hatch. Suddenly a relative stood with his back and did not notice how I ran away and suddenly did not hear the sound of the castle. Although a relative says that he would hear if I opened the lock. I am very excited about this situation. Thoughts come into my head that I had a feeling of irritation or anger, as if the desire to attack from evil came, and suddenly the thought came that I suddenly attacked. Thoughts come into my head that suddenly it’s not okr, suddenly I attacked from evil. But I understand that I could either imagine a thought or imagine these feelings, which immediately provoked the ocr, or ocr again somehow sent the thought that suddenly I had attacked. But I don’t remember running out, I don’t remember the man and I don’t know to which hatch I could suddenly carry him. I am worried that I had such feelings and thoughts that suddenly I attacked, because somehow this thought came. I am very concerned about this situation. Every day I suffer from obsessive thoughts that suddenly then I attacked. I feel terrible. I would like to hear your opinion. Could this be another manifestation of the environment of false memory and harm, could it be another blow to it? I am very concerned about those feelings and those desires. Thanks in advance for your reply.