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I need advice and prayer

My relationship with Jesus is the most important thing to me. And for some reason I live with feelings of doom. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night. For some reason when I go to church intrusive thoughts and anxiety attacks me almost always and it makes me scared to even go to church. I hate feeling this way. I guess I’m just asking for advice on what to do in these situations. The anxiety causes me to be super sick to my stomach and even feel like I’m going to pass out at times. I disregard but it doesn’t stop me getting super sick and feeling like I’m having an anxiety attack. It really is terrible. I’m just struggling so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I haven’t lost hope just deeply discouraged I guess.  

Feelings of doom: everyone with religious ocd has this, every Christian has probably had this as well. I’m going to assume you mean thoughts of going to hell, if so understand that this is ocd trying to make you feel scared. It wants you to feel this way because it knows you’re afraid of that. It is always 100% wrong. 

Because you feel this go to church ON PURPOSE, listen to services, read a couple of verses. The point of erp, exposure response prevention is to expose your self to the feeling and ignore it without doing compulsions. If you feel super sick, drink some water whe you do it, if you have a pet, let them be with you. If you have a friend, family member nearby explain this to them. When you do erp, have a friend or sibling close by to watch and keep you calm. I promise this can get better 


God loves you and is closer to you than ever before. Do not avoid going to church. Go as you would normally go and just let the thoughts come in. It will be good exposure. May Jesús give you strength to persevere in your recovery. 

Thank you so much for the word of wisdom!