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How to deal with stuck thoughts

My religious ocd thoughts are about blaspheming. Basically I get thoughts of stuff the Pharisees said. These thoughts get stuck in my mind for minutes and i worry that constantly thinking of it makes it a sin. How do I get them out of my mind quickly 

try to stop ruminating. These thoughts are not sinful. God loves you. Ask Jesus to give you strength to disregard the thoughts. God bless

God loves you! 

OP here,

not trying to be disrespectful, but can I actually get tips on stopping stuck thoughts, not just the same you can do this?

The way this will happen is if you stop ruminating and doing compulsions. There isn't a magical formula. You have to disregard the thoughts. 

Hello OP. Unfortunately, there is no easy way out. When you first take notice that you are consciously thinking about your theme ( in this case blaspheming),  You have to take charge not from a place of fear but a place of understanding that this is your OCD. When you start to try to escape this feeling you are just fueling your OCD. You are ruminating. When you notice that you are worrying you are sinning that in itself is ruminating. Then when you try to escape this feeling you are still ruminating. This may even lead you to start to ask yourself even more and more questions, But these questions that arise when you are having an OCD attack aren't real questions. They often come with answers that aren't real either. This just adds fuel to the fire.  When you find yourself in the midst of a REALLY bad OCD episode you just need to continue on with your day doing what you'd normally be doing and disregard the thoughts. You might feel as if you are faking it and that's okay. The point is too show your brain that you are not reacting the same way as you always do, In this case with fear. So over time this process will get easier and feel less fake.  

Alright I will try my best 🙂