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How God saved me from harm OCD

I hope my story will help others!


I suffered from intrusive thoughts a few years ago, mainly about harming other people and I was really depressed. I suffered for long months and I believed it's impossible to get rid of these thoughts. I turned to God, as the last option to save me, because 'For God everything is possible'. And He did save me. He made me understand that these scary and agressive thoughts are not me, I have to reply them with something like: "I don't agree with this thought, go away" and trust in the Lord who made the thoughts vanish, I mean I had less and less intrusive thoughts. Now I hardly ever get one, and it doesn't bother me, as I have my Saviour. Pray about it, and feel His helping hand when having an intrusive thought. I will pray for you!


Maybe my story seems too simple but I truly suffered a lot, and God healed me. Please give Him a chance!


I started to post my story on this site yesterday, because I want to help people with OCD. I'm so grateful that I was saved from this torturing thing...Actually, the Lord can help and I wish every people with OCD got this message. 

I love Jesus and try to live my life according to his will. I think however that God will not take away our OCD just like that. God gave us therapists to help us. The only way we will be freed is by doing recovery work. Of course with God's grace we can do it but I think for the majority of us we will need to do therapy. 

Ηello I need your advice

I will be happy to help you. What's going on? 

I really want to recover.. I have so many things to do right now in my life.. 

The way I was able to recover so that I could be functional again was that i stopped ruminating and doing compulsions. That is the only way. 

Stopping Ruminating when you have harm ocd is really really hard!! 

it is but start off small. Try for 5 minutes. You will get better at it. God bless 

I totally see your point Guest #2. Therapists are blessings from God, and I'm grateful that people with OCD have them!