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Is hocd even real? I’m worried that I’m just living a lie and it isn’t actually ocd. Advice 


Hii that's definitely HOCD. No matter what you read and what people say it DEFINITELY is a condition. A person has at 50000 thoughts a day and out of those thoughts you reacted to this the worst. So your brain will send it over an over again with slightly different details to make question everything you ever known TRUST ME I've been there I've had it for 7 months and I've only recently started recovery but damn am i improving. There are parts of the day where I don't even have the thoughts at all. But when it comes I still get anxiety and have to force myself not to ruminate. 

Symptoms of hocd can include... Questioning past things like if you thought someone was pretty or handsome in the past it'll try to use it as evidence DO NOT FALL FOR IT

you can lose attraction to the opposite sex and gain attractiion to the same sex SO NOT FALL FOR IT

question everything you have ever known. If you were gay you would have had questionable actions all your life most gay people have said they had always known and those that were in denial said they knew but brushed it off but they knew. 

You are strong and you can fight this monster as someone that is going through it I know it's hard but you can do it. 


I have been dealing with it for 6 months now and close to recovering but still question if it’s real or not.

I have had all those things happen to me also, and it’s been a nightmare. 

Im 25 and married, I’m sure I would’ve known by now ?

we will get through this ?


Its all OCD. im married turning 33 and ive been dealing with this shit for 5 years!

Ocd is the biggest piece of shit- Just rememeber NO MATTER WHAT- Its OCD. People are born that way and people who are that way are not freaking out! They are not on forums like this- its normal to them... We freak out because its what bothers us the most and as soon as some random instrcuive thought comes in OCD grabbed it and started the process...

OCD grabs what the worst thing to that person- Its all bullshit. Remember all the lies its told you? and nothing has happened... and it never will!

Do not let it take over you- This theme should be the easiest to get over because people are born that way- Simple fact. Yet it counts for 30% of the total OCD population. ITS ALL LIES AND BULLSHIT- DO NOT LET OCD RUIN YOU! ITS ALL LIES!


The only thing I'm struggling with is loss if attraction and false attraction... How do you deal with it?? 


This has been the worst thing I’ve ever dealt with, but I’m glad to say that I’m probably about 70% recovered. Thank god!!

my attraction is slowly coming back, and the false attraction is slowly dwindling away. It’s all still here but not causing me near the distress, but the fact it isn’t worries me too. Lol it’s always some sort of doubt.


OCD will take the very air you breathe if it could... its unforgiving, its horrible and the longer you are stuck in the bull shit lies the loner you will suffer and loose REAL TIME from your REAL LIFE! That's the tragedy of all of this- We are loosing real time from our real lives over a stupid LIE THAT OCD CREATES!!!!