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Help please


I have just about had any theme of ocd possible, religious, harm (including self harm), death of family members thoughts, obsessions over having diseases etc. I have always been attracted to me and have had boyfriends, crushes all of that- literally am obsessed but that’s besides the point lol. I have struggled with some hocd thoughts before but never have effected me. Until this year- the worst year for my ocd ever i went through so many cycles of different thoughts and just about a week before thanksgiving i have a thought saying i was a lesbian and it freaked me out so bad and didnt go away until a week later when a self harm theme came then the lesbian thought didnt come at all. Then a week later i had a date With this guy i’ve been so interested in and didn’t have any themes of ocd & intrusive thoughts at all. Now they are back. I am struggling because i know these arent true and I know i have no interest in women and never have. But thEse thoughts are killing me and making me feel like they‘re real. Please help me i feel so lost.


You are not alone I thought I beat it a couple weeks ago and even started hanging out with my friends again but then a couple days later these thoughts started to come back and I just feel so scared. It feels so real sometimes and that I have accepted it or smth but at the end of the day I know I’m straight.


Typical typical typical bloody OCD. If you have had so many themes, I am guessing you are a sensitive person.

Thats the OCD welcome band shouting its first line... HEYY... What about this???? and you freaked out and now its a theme. Its like your neighbour saying THERE IS A TSNAMI COMING, THERE IS A TSNUAMI COMING.... and it never happens... and it never will...!

ERP my friend. The thoughts or whatever you are receiving are meant to feel real, there meant to feel SHIT- and you are to do nothing. Once it calms, it will try another thing, and another thing. You need to get to a point where thoughts bounce off you. It will need to be consciously for a bit, until its automatic for you.