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Help please


So I posted this before but it started glitching so I’m posting it again. so I’m kinda confused right now. I have never been diagnosed with OCD but I feel like I might have it. I feel like I might have HOCD. I am a 14 year old girl and I identify as one. For about 4 months now I have been having these thoughts telling me “what if you are lesbian” or “what if you are bi” When it first started, I would get really anxious and have panic attacks and it was the only thing I could think of. But about a month ago my anxiety has left and it feels as if I accepted the thoughts. I sometimes get anxious when a thought comes here and their but not as much as before so I feel like I might have accepted them. I also now have thoughts telling me “you ARE lesbian” or” you are bi” or “you like girls” Every time I get one of these thoughts, I have the need to see one of these videos telling me I’m not gay or taking and online test to see if I really am gay or not. I have thoughts about stuff I used to do and I keep thinking it might mean I’m gay. I know there’s nothing wrong with being gay but I don’t want to be gay and I feel as if it’s not me. Recently I had a thought saying you could be lesbian and I didn’t have ANY anxiety or distress or anything. I’m scared that I might have accepted these thoughts. Is this HOCD or am I really gay and just in denial??


Definately OCD. People are born that way... People who are that way don't sense a problem just like STRAIGHT people. This is probably your first theme for OCD. You are not that. The big difference is desire.. People born that way have a desire just like the desire you have when you crush on boys.... and they wouldn't be on sites like this.

You have distress NOT desire...