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HELP ME!!!!!


Please someone tell me they can relate. I know I'm not sexually attracted to guys but it attacks the emotional part and I feel like this happens to no one. 
- I force myself to imagine having a crush on the same gender. I do not want to and have never naturally had these feelings but want to feel disgust and it's making me feel like it could actually happen and I could have a crush or ceelings

- it makes me think I can have feelings for the same sex

- it has made me feel disconnected and not capable of having crushes for my preferred crush


the top thing is scaring me the most. It's not me actually naturally having a crush but I'm literally forcing myself to have a crush to make sure it wouldn't be natural I can't do this I feel like no one has these problems


Ive had that too, when I first started having these thoughts. I still have these thoughts just with less anxiety. Something I did was to just sit with the thought. Like it would come and I would force myself not to start checking. It’s easier said than done and It might take some time to just ignore the thoughts but just know those thoughts aren’t you. Stay strong