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Feelings of guilt?

Hello everyone. I've been dealing with some varying OCD themes for the past few months, but yesterday I got really anxious and guilty over things I did in the past like maybe find someone attractive or be a little too flirty with them. Perhaps even thoughts of infidelity (but i'd never actually do it!) Now I feel an incredibly amount of guilt and feel the need to confess to my fiancee. Is this part of ROCD development or am I just feeling guilty for doing things I shouldn't have?


Yes, definitely part of OCD cycle. Thoughts and emotions/feelings change from time to time in the process of recovery. I know it's hard but disregard it. Also, it's normal to find someone attractive when you're dating, it doesn't mean you have second intentions with them, you just got ''eyes'' so when you see someone beautiful and attractive you think that, it's ok. But it's normal, I also had those ones too, sometimes I still have situations like that and moments of guilt. The same thing you do with the thoughts, do it too with tha guilt feelings, think that no matter what you're feeling guilt for... you didn't do it on some bad purpose or it was the best thing to do in that moment. The need of confession it's also normal, it's part of guilt. Hope this helps. Be good, we're together on this. 🙂 

Thank you very much this was very helpful

Ocd is an anxiety disorder with prevalent guilt, depression, low self confidence, rumination and so on. It’ll find the most vulnerable areas to attack to get your attention with an emotional response trigger. It’ll throw ideas into our head that are so far from our morals or behaviors in order to get that reaction. It is absolutely ok to find other people attractive and even interact with them within the boundaries of your relationship that are set by you and your partner. “ Normal “ people ( if that even exists ) have those thoughts and move on ... ocd people feel guilt about it. Ruminating about the thoughts and guilt gives ocd more power. I was in a similar situation and to diminish that quilt I had an honest and open discussion about my thoughts and attraction to other people. It is normal to feel that way because that’s how our brain was set up to be able to mate and continue to produce new society members 🙂 Secrecy feeds ocd.  That in case you shared the ocd and recovery process with the partner. You may also find out that he has the same attraction to others which doesn’t mean any flaw in character... his or yours 🙂

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