False attraction and false memories


Does anyone have hocd where the hocd tries to give you evidence from your childhood like I'm a cartoon lover and always had crushes on the boys but whenever a beautiful girl showed up on screen I used to acknowledge she was beautiful and wished I looked like that but that's about it. But now my brain keeps bringing up those memories and saying stuff like..... See you thought she was attractive but you were in denial so you didn't realize it.... Or all those crushes where fake..  And sometimes the thoughts come in as what if or as a statement 

The attraction feels so real but I try to ignore it but I read somewhere that people discovered their sexuality later in life after being in denial and that set me of. 

I can't even imagine myself Ina relationship with a boy cause it always changes to a girl and freaks me out.... I keep on fearing that one day I'll get married but won't find my partner attractive and realize I'm gay after reading stuff like that

I want this false attraction gone its ruining me my attra to guys have dissappeared and I feel so helpless it feels like I'm really changing cause I don't have so much anxiety anymore and the thoughts still feels so real

I don't want to a lesbian I was happy the way I was in the past.... I don't know anymore... Someone... Anyone please give me advice... Please 


YOU ARE NOT THAT! YOU NEVER WILL BE- OCD will attack, attach and manipulate ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!!! Believe me!


You need to DISREGARD and MOVE ON- NO matter what.. and i know that is hard- BUT YOU NEED TO PUSH AND AND DISREGARD. You have to do the work now to get out of this shit disorder!!!