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Hi.. I am having problems when I drive. Sometimes it doesn't matter how many times I look both ways at crosswalks and intersections, I still get the thought that maybe you hit someone walking.. It happens more often when I drive at night.. Its hard stop the what ifs.. I try really hard to not turn around and check to make sure.. I know its just thoughts but they so hard to let go of. Does anyone else have this??? Any advice?? 

I used to have this. All we can do is just disregard. as bad as you want to check just don't do it. God bless. 

I used to have the driving one it’s common mine was what if I lose control and crash the more times you drive and exposed to it the consistent thought of it goes away or it pops up once in a while and you brush it off easier 

Disregard the thoughts. Don't look both ways as a compulsion. Look how you would normally look. 

I find that it is impossible to disregard thoughts when we are drowning in anxiety.  What helps me is that before I start the engine, I try to take a couple of deep breaths to relax my nerves.  Then I acknowledge that I have OCD and  that I will be triggered. Then I remind myself that I had it before and it's all false for years. (I don't think we're supposed to think about OCD but this helps me, please check with Ali). Also, I try to delay my worry every time I get a trigger that I cannot brush off immediately. I remind myself that it is more harmful to drive when I am distracted by thoughts. So I decided to delay my worries until after I finish driving. For triggers that I can easily brush off, I do my best to brush them off immediately. For example, if I hit a bump, sometimes I'll say "bump" out loud and let go of the thought.  I also made a rule that I will not bring any driving thoughts at home, this rule helped me a lot not to waste 2 hours ruminating at home (I settle everything in the car). I'm not sure if the steps I am making are correct but this is how I cope with my anxiety.

I think you are doing a lot of compulsions.