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I just watched a video that said if you’re questioning your sexuality then you already know the answer, you just don’t want to accept it. I was doing so well before this and now I just wanna cry. I’ve started getting some more thoughts lately without anxiety and then this video just set me off. Please tell I’m am I gay or bi?? Cuz I also sometimes just get thoughts telling me oh you are bi or oh you thought she looked pretty so you like her but then sometimes I’m like no I wouldn’t even want a relationship with a girl. It’s as if I drowning back into my thoughts again. Am I bi/lesbian??


Stop watching that shit- That is put on by idiots!
People are born with their sexuality- They do not change! NO YOU ARE NOT BI YOU ARE NOT A LESBIAN! ITS OCD DOING ITS USUAL SHIT!


ITS ALL OCD- Stop researching on the internet- Its a load of shit and i am sick of fkucing idiots putting shit on the internet which has no help or makes people worse! It will never happen IT NEVER WILL! Same with pedos- They are born that way!!!

Its a scientific fact! 


Hey just wanted to say don’t seek reassurance it’s not gonna help you. I can tell you you are probably straight but ocd is gonna say you are lying to yourself trust me you’re not it’s all ocd. there will be times were you’ll get worried that you’re not getting anxious about the thoughts you are getting again that is all part of ocd. Just keep disregarding and accept the thoughts are there but you are not agreeing. Don’t believe in the internet because they don’t know how your mind works. The biggest thing is to trust yourself because in my opinion ocd is one big low self esteem