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Checking OCD

Hello, does anyone suffer the same thing? I get crazy checking all the time. Thank you.

Sometimes I get this especially when responsible for turning items off like coffee makers etc. I guess like anything else with OCD the best advice is to try to reduce the compulsions one step at a time as well as sit with the anxiety which is extremely difficult but it eventually goes down. I think it is more difficult as people who have OCD tend to not trust themselves and have a lot of fear and guilt which feeds the OCD.

I have had checking OCD since I was 13..I am now 57. I have good and bad days. Stress tringers my checking. I have GOOD NUMBERS and BAD NUMBERS! I try my best to not do it so my advice is say to yourself ... I refuse and try to refuse to check it as long as possible! I sometimes check it ONCE AND SAY OUT LOUD IN PRIVACY OF COURSE " CHECKED" that way I remember I said CHECKED out loud and do not have the need to go back to it the second time,,etc.

i check alot too its annoting i dislike it its like my brain is on a blip= im 22 i was diagnosed with ocd at age approx. 13-14 gr 8-9 i had symptons in gr 8 but it worsen in 9 and then i saw a counsellor. my biggest ocd fight right now is like texting like repeating checking but im slowly getting better with replying and just doing a more yolo life cause i dont wan ocd to ruin it- its difficult im tired without even doing anything its like i wish life was easier but it aint. 6048392218