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Can ocd make you feel like you’re accepting them as true when you aren’t?

I made a previous post about how my religious ocd makes me feel like doing the smallest things is a sin (love the feedback btw)

Before this though, sometimes I feel like I’m accepting the thoughts as true and or like them. I think this is ocd since it’s random when I feel these. I don’t like the thoughts nor do I think they are true. But when doing exposure I sometimes feel like I’m accepting it as true

are these my true feelings? I don’t think so but any feedback would be nice 😁

it is not your true feelings. I struggled with this. You can does. Try every day to disregard and not react to thoughts. Jesus loves you. Ask Jesus for help to persevere in OCD recovery and pray for those that actually hate Jesus and who do say those things to him.

I'm struggling with the same thing right now but different thing all i can is that you're not alone i think this is one of the set back stages or maybe ocd is trying to pull us in beacause we're actually letting it go

it depends on how stressed i am that day. some days i can easily disregard there are other days were i get pulled into believing my ocd. We are good tho. God will not abandon us

Thank you all for responding, remember that Jesus knows our true feelings so we have nothing to worry about

God bless, peace be with you all!

Thank you for the comments! This wasn’t my thread but it helped me! God bless