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Breathing OCD

I've had this as a kid. It comes and goes. But now, with my anxiety level at its peak, it came back.

This time, I told myself that I don't want this to be a part of my life anymore. I don't want worry, anxiety and fear to control me. I want to recover from this.


How do you conduct ERP with breathing OCD?

I don’t have breathing but I am aware of my heart. This website may help you get started with some ERP ideas.

I have discovered  new  treatment 

For ocd  . I want to help  all ocd patients in the

Universe.  I need help to further  move .


can  u tell me more about the breathing ocd? i wanna learn more 

i can zoom with anyone, pacific time. 

i have ocd inside my brain connected to fb and stuff i just wish i never had it