2 important questions for POCD recovery


Question 1:

My thoughts mostly come in as blurry images of the fear. Or as feelings as if i know the thought is there, but I can’t picture it clearly. It’s Very broad.

Should I be doing more controlled exposures like writing my fear down and reading it 15 times, once a day. Or should I keep disregarding/ignoring the thought when it comes in as that blurry image/feeling?(this is what I have done)

Question 2:

Is it normal in POCD recovery for your thought theme to not fully drift off as fast as you want it. In the beginning with my theme it was a 10/10 anxiety. I’d say 3 weeks later it’s now a 2/10 anxiety when the image pops up in my head. In the past with my POCD, I  was able to rationally look at the thought after a week of recovery work. But for this theme I can’t get to that point where I’m like “A HA, I’m relieved that was a dumb thought.”unfortunately, I’m still on edge with it even at a 2/10 anxiety and feel it will never be solved after 3 weeks of recovery work. 

Do I keep disregarding the thought or am I doing recovery wrong?