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Hi everyone,

i was diagnosed with ocd four years ago. I was recovered from 2018 up until this august. IT started By panick attacks, but now it’s self-harm intrusive thoughts. I keep having thoughts about hurting myself or killing myself or thoughts like ‘ I want to die’... but I don’t. Now the thoughts are accompanied by feelings of depression or despair. Does this mean I do actually want to die? I feel like a terrible mother and so sad. Please help!

It was so bad again today 🙁

it is my husbands birthday and I just want to be happy but instead all I can think about is self-harm and depression. Wondering if I must really be depressed that maybe self-harm is the only way out. As I type this I have intense anxiety and feel sick to my stomach and so sad. I cried before and said I don’t want to die. So why is this happening to me??

No it's not true trust me... Ocd used to give me also feelings of depression and then "told me see you are depressed that means you want to die" But it's just scary thoughts.. You don't want to die. The apposite, you want to live and to be healthy