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Ηelp me please... Help

Ocd can make you believe that you want your harm ocd thoughts for a second?? 

110%%% ANY OCD can come in the form of sensations or thoughts that you actually want to have these thoughts - it's just another form of classic OCD! Truuuust me I've had the same experience where I started getting scared that "no it's not OCD maybe I really want these thoughts" but that was just another OCD topic. Disregard my friend, you can do it 🙂

You just have to ignore it and refocus on whatever you were doing 

 Over time it’ll become a habit and it will become easier

This is very normal and very common. I experienced this myself. It can be very scary and confusing for the ocd sufferer. You have to understand that ocd attacks what you care about most. OCD can come in as a thought, feeling, urge, sensation, dream, false memory,  any combination of the above. OCD will make you think and feel whatever you're afraid of feeling on autopilot. Try to disregard the ocd however it comes in to the best of your ability. There may be automatic fear but try not to add to the fear. Have a schedule of things to do so you dont get stuck thinking about it, or doing compulsions. Also do exposures like watching scary things on the news, or video clips of whatever it is you're afraid of as often as you can. I know how hard this is. Hope this helps:) god bless.

Try to stop ruminating man. I have Harm OCD myself it is terrifying.