About the Book

A very important part of getting over OCD is exposing yourself to feared situations. In my opinion, without exposures, it is impossible to overcome OCD. However, doing exposures is difficult and often gives a lot of confusion to the sufferer. During exposures many questions come up. It is extremely important that the exposures are done correctly. If done incorrectly, an exposure exercise can make OCD worse instead of better.

In this book we will go over different types of exposures, best practices and common questions. We will also go over the mechanics of OCD. If you have any of my previous books, a lot of this will be a repeat for you. If this is the case, I encourage you to re-read these chapters to freshen up your OCD knowledge.

My OCD Story

I have been suffering with OCD for many years before I created a method of how to get over it. I am not a doctor. I am not a professional writer. I hope you keep this second part in mind as you read this book. This is not a book to read and put away. This is a manual to get over OCD. I have helped many people get over OCD and I can tell you that this method works as long as you apply it.

I personally experienced OCD. I know what it is like. I know how horrible it can feel. When I was suffering with OCD I never thought I would recover. I could not even imagine that not only I would get over it, but I would be helping others with it as well. You can get over this. You can recover. You just need to learn how and apply what you learn.



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