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Vitamin D and Mental Health

test1There is a lot of talk about vitamin d having an effect on mental health.

So you suspect that you are not getting enough vitamin d?
Welcome to the club. Most people today are not receiving adequate amounts of this important vitamin.

How to increase vitamin d in you system:

– don’t use SPF all the time. Research shows that SPF is harmful as well and a little bit of sun on you face isn’t going to do damage. We don’t mean that you should bake in the sun until you look like a well done turkey, just a little sun each day.

– go out in the sun between 11am and 1 pm for a few minutest each day in the summer.

– in the winter stay outside as mich as possible, depending on your climate. It is very difficult to get vitamin d from the sun in the winter, so te longer you are outside the more chance you have of at least absorbing some vitamin d. Do not wear SPF in the winter, if you do, chances are you will get almost no vitamin d.

– do not wash your face after you ave been in the sun. Vitamin will not absorb, you will wash it off. Do not wash for at least 4 hours.


There are many foods that have vitamin d in them. You just need to know which ones and how much.

The best food that I found to increase vitamin d is salmon. One salmon fillet has almost all the vitamin d content you need for the day. Plus salmon is not high in calories so it
Works well in most diets. Just make sure you bake it as this method of cooking retain the highest amounts of vitamin d.

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