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Hearing OCD

test1Hearing ocd is a very common type of OCD theme. To give you an example, a person has a fear of getting cancer. He goes to the doctor to get a checkup. During the talk with the doctor, the sufferer thinks he might have heard the doctor say the word cancer. The sufferer gets more and more anxious trying to piece together what the doctor said. The more he tries the worse the anxiety gets.

Hearing OCD is always in a pair with another OCD theme, they work parallel together.
You have to realize that if you constantly think you have overheard something and have severe anxiety from these thoughts, it is an OCD issue and you may have a hearing theme as one of your OCD themes.

So how do you combat a hearing theme? The best thing to do is to allow the anxiety to linger but do not give it any power. Let it create all the what if thoughts that it wants, do not try to stop it, but at the same time do not buy into what it’s telling you. Just allow it space in your mind but refuse to take it seriously.

At first your anxiety will get worse because your brain will be worried that you are not paying attention to the warnings it is sending you. During this brief time it is important o stay strong and continuously refuse to believe that these thoughts are valid.

After a little bit of time your mind will calm down and the anxiety will reduce. Now the worst part is behind you and all you need to do is keep doing what you did before, just keep ignoring the thoughts. At this point it will not be as hard since your anxiety will be a lot lower than it was in the beginning.

Hearing OCD is rarely talked about but is a very real and common type of OCD. If you have it please don’t think that you are alone in this because there are a lot of people who are going through the same thing.

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