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How to Tell if You Have OCD

test1When you first suspect that you might have OCD, it seems very difficult to figure out if it is really OCD. Many sufferers worry that they don’t actually have OCD and are just a “bad” person for having these thoughts.
They feel all alone and are not sure how to for sure figure out if their problem is OCD.

There are also situations when a friend or a loved one is suffering and the family wants to figure out if it is OCD.

So, how do you tell for sure if you have OCD?

– you are spending most of the day being worried about something that most people would find insignificant and would not worry about. Ask yourself, “would my best friend care if he was in my position?”

– you have a well established “theme” that your thoughts revolve around. They are not random and are usually following a common topic.

This topic or theme can be: cleanliness, harm, worry of schizophrenia,  worry of aids, worry about relationship, worry about being gay, etc.

Every OCD thought will in one way or another deal with this topic or theme.

– you feel like if you refuse to think about the thought and analyze it you are a bad person for ignoring it, so you spend a lot of time thinking about it.

– you perform actions to neutralize the thought.

-you feel powerless, like the thoughts are not coming from you. You feel like you can’t control or prevent them.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, chances are this person has OCD.
You need to find a qualified doctor who specializes in OCD.

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