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Why Are Your OCD Thoughts Not Going Away?

test1All the OCD sufferers know how difficult it is to make an obsession stop. Once an obsession gets stuck in your brain, it is nearly impossible to make it leave. So the person gets very anxious and thinks “why is this happening to me?” In this article I wanted to explain “why you”. Why this obsession is not leaving. Why it is stuck in your head and why you are stuck with it.

You need to understand that you are causing your obsessions to stick. How?

What’s causing them to hang around is you giving them importance and viewing them as real. When you view them as real your brain gets a signal that this thought is important (it is not). Your brain also interprets your anxiety to mean that the
thought has a negative impact on your life (content of the fear. Example: getting AIDS, cancer or whatever your OCD fears are.)

So now you have sent a signal to your brain that the thought is important and scary and can impact your life in a real and a negative way. As protective mechanism your brain starts to send you the thought again and again to make sure you are aware of the threat. It has no idea that the thought is false and that you have OCD. It behaves as if the thought was real. Scientific data proves this.

So how can you send the right signals to your brain?

This part of the brain doesn’t understand logic. It only understands actions and emotions. To change the interpretations of the brain you need to change your reactions to OCD thoughts. Here is what you should act like when a thought strikes:

-accept the thought as a false OCD thought. Do not react to it with fear. Why would you fear false OCD thoughts?

– do not try to figure out the thoughts. By trying to solve your fear and make sure it is not real you are showing your brain that you are actually considering the fact that the thought is real. If you consider that the thought is real, the brain will consider the possibility to send you more anxiety about the content of the thought. So do not even let in a possibility that it is real.

– do not ask for reassurance.

– do not avoid anything because of your thought.

– live your life as if the thought is not there.

If you do these things I promise you that your thoughts will never stick around for long. Stay strong!

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