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Responsibility OCD

test1Responsibility OCD is the type of OCD with which the sufferer is always worried that his actions will have impact on others. In most cases the other person is someone who is very dear to them and who they care about.

People with responsibility OCD have a strong sense of guilt that follows them everywhere. They make it their duty to ensure that they prevent every possible bad scenario from happening.

For example, a person who has responsibility OCD will see a banana peel on the street and if they don’t pick it up will worry all day that someone stepped in it and that now it is their fault that an innocent person may have gotten hurt.

The sufferer of responsibility OCD will have a hard time killing flies or doing anything else that cause harm to another creature, no matter how big or small.

This goes far beyond the “normal” standards and even though they sufferer is trying to do good, it causes them a lot of anxiety.

The main trait is that the person always worries that if they do not follow what OCD tells them they will be a bad person and that if something goes wrong it will be their fault.

To get over this type of OCD you need to first understand that we are all human and are only responsible for ourselves and those under our care. Sometimes we all can make mistakes but it is impossible to prevent every possible scenario from happening.

You also need to recognize that you are a good person who cares deeply for safety and well-being of others. You need to understand that these feelings of guilt are not real and are just a symptom of your OCD. You will not be able to move on in your recovery until you stop attributing your guilt to yourself. You need to attribute it to your OCD.

Just like with any other type of OCD the two things below must never be done if you want to completely recover from OCD:

Reassurance Seeking

Do not ask others or research anything on the topic that gives you anxiety. Remind yourself that your thought is an OCD thought, let it be there and do not seek reassurance from within yourself or from someone else.
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Do not avoid any normal activity because of your OCD. This includes things such as driving, going out or interacting with other people. By avoiding things you are letting OCD win. Live your life as you would without OCD in order to get over OCD.

By not falling into these two traps you will slowly start to recover from your obsessions and will win the war against OCD. It will not be easy at first but with time and effort you will be able to get over OCD.

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