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10 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself to Identify an OCD Thought.

test1When helping people recover from OCD in you have You Have OCD Support Program, I give them a very quick way to identify whether or not a thought is OCD. In this article I will give you a series of questions
you can ask yourself to distinguish when you are having an OCD thought. Once you know the thought is OCD you can treat it as an OCD thought and not ad a valid fear.

It may be helpful to print this list out and have it with you. The simple fact that you have it with you will remind you to identify your thoughts as OCD and not just blindly feed into the OCD fears.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself:

1. Is this thought accompanied by severe anxiety or fear?

2. Am I doubting this thought as OCD or do I suspect that this thought might be OCD?

3. Can I classify this thought into one of these common OCD themes?

1. Harm OCD
2. Relationship OCD
3. Religious OCD
4. Homophobic OCD
5. False memory OCD
6. Contamination OCD
7. Responsibility OCD

4. Have I experienced a similar type if OCD thought in the past?

5. Do I feel an extreme desire to have figure out if this thought is valid or not?

6. Our of people closest to me, is there anyone who would agree that this thought actually represents something I should worry about?

If the answer to most of these questions is yes, then you need to start viewing this thought as OCD. Do not fear it. There is nothing to fear because the thought does not represent you or your true self, it is just a symptom of an illness called OCD. Use this list every time and you will definitely start to get over
these thoughts a lot faster. This is great first step to take on your path of overcoming OCD.

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