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Planning Your Day Around OCD


Why Plan For OCD ?

Planning your day around OCD can be very difficult. You may feel like OCD is always taking away your focus. Here is a simple way to solve the unpredictability of OCD.
What you need you do is track your OCD spikes.
Tracking your OCD spikes can help because it gives you some control over OCD and helps you plan for the days ahead. After tracking a few spikes you can guess how long each spike will last and how severe it will be each day that it is still there. That helps you plan your day around your OCD.
This type of thing may seem silly to some people. Well there are a lot of people with OCD that prevents them doing daily activities and this article is for them.

How to Plan For OCD

So how do we plan? Ok,  let’s say that I just had a huge spike. I know that this kind of spike usually lasts for 3 days so I try to change my schedule so I can do more boring tasks that require little concentration but will keep me busy. I choose those because during times with OCD I need to stay busy to keep myself from obsessing, however I have a hard time concentrating so I save the important tasks for later, when I feel better.


Monday- 8 (10 being very anxious)
Tuesday- 6 ( still there but I can deal)
Wednesday- 2 ( can concentrate again)


I hope this makes sense to you, this method of getting things done works well for me, so I feel like I need to share it with others out there.
By the way, for those who don’t know a spike is a new ocd obsession trigger.
For example if I had OCD about germs coming into contact with something dirty would cause me to have a spike.

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