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Pure-O OCD

OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This means that a person has an obsessive thought which is followed by compulsive action. I am sure most of you know this by now. However there is one type of OCD that is harder to deal with. That is a Pure O. The name means pure obsession which means that the person has only obsessions and no compulsive actions.

Here is an example of the Pure-O type thought process:

A person is walking on the cement tiles down the sidewalk

Thought 1- if I step on a crack something bad is going to happen to … and it will be all my fault.

Thought 2- did I just step on a crack?

Thought 3- I am not sure but I think I wanted to, that means I am a bad

And on, and on

Obviously it is irrational thinking but the fact is that as a person is walking they are having these thoughts. So technically they are not performing any compulsions and only are obsessing in their mind.

It is harder to treat this type of OCD because the doctor can not tell the patient to stop a physical action but rather to stop a thought which is a very different type of treatment.

I hope this gives you enough of an overview of what a “pure o” is all about.

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OCD Recovery Program Testimonials

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Ali Greymond for all of her help and support through what had to be one of the hardest and most fearful times in my life. Hell sounded appealing to what I was living with- false memory OCD! I’m very private and the thought of telling someone my intrusive thoughts was agonising. I listened to Ali’s shows on YouTube and I knew the best person to help me was her, Ali made me feel so comfortable, I never once felt as though she was judging me in anyway in fact she made me feel the opposite like I was normal and none of this meant anything. She gave me the tools and skyped me every day I felt like She was in the next room the support was amazing. This wonderful lady changed my life, it’s hard work and determination daily but if there’s one person that can help you recover from OCD it’s Ali Greymond. She’s amazing at what she does and me and my family are blessed we found her because I don’t know where I’d be now. Thank you Ali your programme is amazing. (L.)

I came to Ali with a severe case of contamination OCD. Ali graciously offered me an introductory session free of charge. When I asked her when we could start, she said “how about today”? I liked that she was that proactive and willing to jump in immediately. I looked at the packages she offered and signed up immediately for the “Severe OCD” package, because that accurately described the state I was in. Ali almost immediately became my anchor, my support system and friend through this very frightening and lonely disorder. With Ali by my side, I had hope for the first time and I made strides that even surprised me. I was amazed at how quickly I started to recover. It felt like magic to me.

Having been a fellow sufferer herself, she truly understands the disorder. I felt that Ali intuitively knew when to push me through a fear and when to back off. When she felt that I was not ready for an exercise she told me. When she felt that I could push through a fear, she told me and 100% of the time, she was on point! This was extremely important as feeling in control is such a huge element of this disorder. I would recommend anyone suffering with this disorder to work with Ali. She helped me get my life back and that is priceless. (J.)

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11 Responses to “Pure-O OCD”

  1. Hello. I think the article is really interesting. I am even interested in reading more. How soon will you update your blog?

  2. Chuck says :

    Hello there, thank you for such great information on OCD
    I been suffering from OCD since I was in high school and it’s been 7 years
    back then, I used to wash my hands a lot
    recently, my problem got worst this year
    where I’m on the edge of choosing to end my own life
    I am stressed, depressed, felt unwanted and unloved
    no one in my family take my problem seriously
    everyone thinks I am a joke
    especially my father
    my father is a doctor
    and I am also on my way to become one too
    I cannot stand seeing blood or needles, it makes me nervous and anxious
    but I am trying my best to suppress my feeling
    However, my father thinks I am a joke to this family

    This is my hardest year so far, I am confused and cannot concentrate and gather my thoughts
    I often ask myself
    whether or not if I did something there?
    situations like, if I say hi to somebody, did I also said “fuck you” or give them a middle finger when I wave at them
    When I drive, I constantly worry about whether or not I’m gonna hit someone or causing a traffic disturbance
    When I’m talking to girls, I often worried whether or not I touched their chest during conversations or did anything obscene or said anything obscene to them
    If I walk passed by a girl, I often worried whether or not I have violated them in sexual ways
    yesterday was the worst, where I have a disturbing thoughts about hurting my own dog
    and the whole day I kept asking myself whether or not I did those things

    I don’t know what to do anymore …
    everyone thinks I am a joke
    I’m too afraid to die
    and yet, too afraid to live like a normal person
    I just don’t know what to do ……
    please help me

  3. Chuck says :

    I feel ashamed of myself
    I have no friends and no love life
    I see myself as a freak
    some inferior creature in this world

  4. Chuck says :

    did my comments just got deleted ?!
    I thought this is where people can receive help for OCD
    : (

  5. admin says :

    Hi Chuck, I have felt like that many times, and the worst part of ocd that it goes away and comes back when you least expect it. I also have a horrible time being around needles and such, so don’t think that you are alone. My parents didn’t believe that i had ocd either, and it still bothers me to this day. As for the part when you say you don’t know what to do, i can give you some advice i gained from my own constant battle with ocd. Do your best to get through the day. What i do is when i get anxiety i make a list of things i need to do during the day and i just do them like a robot. The day passes quicker and then when in a few days the anxiety goes down, all my boring chores are done. So I can relax and enjoy the little time that i have without ocd fears. Do not let yourself think about whatever it is you are worried about. Keep yourself occupied. I don’t know if this makes sense to you, but just know that you are not alone. I would also suggest going on the ocd forums, people are really nice there and they can help during the hard times. My favourite forum is “stuck in a doorway” just put that into google and it should take you right there. Please write back if you have any more questions or comments.

  6. admin says :

    no your comment was not deleted, just takes awhile to approve. I hope you got my reply and if you have more questions please write. Sorry about the wait 🙂

  7. admin says :

    I am now updating more frequently, so please check back

  8. Paul says :

    Treating the pure “O” type of OCD is no harder than someone who washes or has a ritualized based OCD. CBT works just as well for both. Also the therapists goal is to not stop the thoughts as you suggest The goal is to get to the point where the thoughts don’t matter anymore to the sufferer. You should never try to stop the thoughts.

  9. Chuck says :

    Hey guys, thanks for the reply
    I really appreciate that
    I often like I’m alone in this endless battle
    where my life is constantly a living-hell
    I continue to question myself daily
    and it’s draining me every second
    My family is tired hearing about my problem
    so everyone are just trying their best to avoid me
    my father don’t care about me that much …
    he must feel ashamed to have a son like me
    I am really depressed
    but I don’t wanna give up yet …
    I hope one day they can find a miracle cure for this disease…

  10. Chuck says :

    thanks for the website !
    I will go check it out : )

  11. Tim says :

    I have Pure O CD and I have to retrace my steps and try to recall events such as if I locked the door when I leave the house for work. It’s difficult remembering details of events such as if I locked the door. I take a digital photo of the event I want to remember so I don’t have to ruminate thoughts. I’d rather have regular OCD such as ordering things or washing hands than this.

    It seems that If I drink water (cold) it stops the Pure O thought. I guess the brain is heated when thoughts are constantly being repeated in my mind. I use my iPod touch alot to record events and neutralize them and email them to myself for reassurance. Anyone have this Pure O symptom that you need to remember things in detail to make sure your fine and everything around you is fine. I wish I didn’t listen to these thoughts, but it seems that my brain is telling me if you don’t follow rituals, you’ll end up like this. Or what if. After a bad thought and neutralizing it, I have a minigame ready on my iPod touch so I can forget the thought immediately.