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How To Get Over False Memory OCD

test1I think I should bring your attention to this type of OCD because it is almost never talked about. What makes this type of OCD particularly distressing is the fact that the event that triggered the feared situation has already happened.
A person is driving in a car. He hits a speed bump. Immediately he gets a thought “What if it wasn’t a speed bump, what if it was a person?”
Now let’s examine the thought closer. What if… is a very common OCD thought. Any thought that starts with what if should be immediately considered an OCD thought. By saying “what if it wasn’t a speed bump” the person is already acknowledging the fact that most likely it was a speed bump. This seems logical and rational so it gets included in the thought. In the last part, the person shows doubt. It basically says that maybe under some circumstance it was a person that was hit. Since OCD is a disorder of doubt, any OCD thought will contain doubt. This type of pattern is extremely common so you need to know it and be able to easily identify it. Yours may not match exactly but you will be able to see a resemblance.
How to react properly to false memory thoughts.

So now you have a thought that resembles a false memory thought. Since OCD is making you doubt it, you probably think that the thought might be true. Do not let yourself think back to when you think something happenedyou’re your mind starts going back to the situation immediately say to yourself:

I trust myself.
I am a good person.
I am not going to give OCD the power by taking this thought seriously.

Make this your mantra. Every time you think the thought remember this and repeat it to yourself.

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